Hintonburg Coffee Shops: ideal remote work spaces

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Sitting in a cute Hintonburg coffee shop, sipping something warm and typing away on your laptop – if this sounds like your ideal work-from-home day, call Hintonburg Connection your new home and you’ll have loads of Hintonburg coffee shops available at your fingertips.

If you're not up for a coffee shop every day, Hintonburg Connection features its own wifi work lounge — ideal for solo projects and networking. Living here you can change up your home-based work environment without putting a coat on!

To help you craft your perfect remote working space, we've put together a list of some of our favourite nearby coffee shops and, as a bonus, a quick description of our own wifi work lounge.

A few of our favourites:

  • Ministry of Coffee featuring delicious premium coffee and superb seasonal outdoor seating, ideal for making new connections, people watching or daydreaming on those mental breaks. Get fully charged and well-caffeinated in urban buzzed atmosphere. The welcoming space offers a quiet hum of hustle and bustle inside its industrial chic walls. For those longer days, they are fully licensed so you can enjoy a beverage to ease the long work nights.
  • Morning Owl, located at 229 Armstrong Ave, offers a quaint, friendly workspace, with minimalist décor. Clear your mind and hit the refresh button with some rich roasted java off the beaten path of Wellington West.
  • Try something new at Jamari Espresso House, located at 5 Hamilton Ave N., for a zen change of energy and scenery. The vegan-friendly coffee shop conveniently pumps out delicious turmeric lattes as a healthy non-caffeinated hot beverage. They offer meditation and movement classes in their joint studio space if you need to recharge between projects.
  • Bridgehead Coffeehouses – choose between four locations: Hintonburg 1024 and 1277 Wellington St. West plus Westboro’s options at 440 Richmond Rd and 317 McRae Ave. All locations are convenient working hubs and meet up joints. Hop in the morning beeline for locally roasted fair trade beans or sip slowly during afternoon chill time as you let the addictive smell of freshly brewed coffee.
  • Les Moulins de Lafayette Bakery at 1000 Wellington St. pours copious amounts of premium dark, rich java with elegance. The French-style bakery offers fresh house-made pastries daily, not to mention easily the most delicious butter chicken sandwich you will ever eat! (A family recipe; try not to devour it in minutes!) You may need an espresso to reboot when you’re done. You’re in luck: their cappuccinos look more like a work of art. Admire and be inspired, one sip at a time!
  • The Happy Goat is an industrial coffee shop at 35 Laurel St. with an edgy vibe. Locally roasted fair-traded beans with attitude!  Expect live music and entertainment in the afternoons and evenings, and a funky patio tucked away from Wellington West & Somerset Ave. A great way to refuel your creativity!
  • Equator Coffeehouse, located at 412 Churchill Ave N., brings you right into the heart of Westboro Village. The Almonte-based roasters serve up top quality fair-trade and will give you plenty of good reasons to crave its beans and to work in its naturally bright space. Take a break and explore the trendy Westboro hood when you need to refuel the imagination!

Don't want to leave the building? No problem!

Renowned local design team Iron & Ivory, carefully curated the décor of our communal workspace at Hintonburg Connection. The layout includes plenty of windows, a cozy lounge area with a comfy couch to enjoy during breaks, a board room table for group collaborations, and individual window seating which mimics a coffeehouse atmosphere. A perfect way to re-inspire when needed!

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